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Welcome To The Board Of Open Schooling & Skill Education

The Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education (BOSSE), Sikkim, is an open schooling board that aims to cater to the varied academic needs of the divergent group of students up to pre-degree level including Secondary/Senior Secondary, skill, and vocational education. BOSSE is open schooling education board in Sikkim, was established under Act No. 14 of 2020 of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly, passed on 21-09-2020, according to the Sikkim Act 2020 to promulgate and disseminate open schooling education at the state & national level. Accredited Institutions of BOSSE Accredited Institutions or Study Centres play an important role in the ODL (Open & Distance Learning) System. BOSSE has set up Accredited Institutions (AI) near the residence of learners in all parts of the country and abroad for face-to-face contact. These Study Centres are located in recognized reputed schools affiliated with different National/International/State School Education Boards. In Addition to this, BOSSE has also set up Information Centres as well as Resource Centres in Colleges/Universities to provide support to the learners.


To contribute to the universalization of school education, by providing inclusive flexible, quality school education for life and livelihood, imparting vocational skills along with academic education for sustainable development of nation and society.


  • To promote an open schooling system at the national and international levels and achieve excellence therein, by providing inclusive, flexible, quality education for all.
  • To empower the underprivileged sections of society, particularly school dropouts by providing them with a second chance to complete their education.
  • Reaching the Unreached and bringing good education to their doorsteps
  • To provide Industry based learning through a wide variety of skill development programs.

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Who can take admission?

Anyone interested in upscaling his/her qualifications at Secondary/Sr. The secondary level is welcome! BOSSE’s Open and Distance Learning (ODL) System targets a diverse group of learners including school dropouts, failed students in Board examinations, rural youth, working men and women, and learners from the economically underprivileged sections of the society to obtain academic and skill-oriented Vocational Education.

Any person who has completed 14 years of age can apply for admission to the Secondary Programme, even if he/she has not undergone any formal education earlier. He/she will have to submit a valid proof of age as well as a certificate to the effect that he/she can read and understand the study materials as well as write an examination. A person who has passed class X can apply for admission to Senior Secondary Programme.

Secondary Programme

A secondary Certificate is equivalent to the Xth standard. Eligibility for admission to Secondary Programme is a minimum of 14 years of age as of 31st August for those who want to take the first exam in April-May and 28/29 February for those who want to take their first exam in October-November. There is no restriction on the choice of subjects and combinations, except that a minimum of one language has to be taken. Learners can choose their subjects from the BOSSE List of Subjects as given below.

  • Learners have to choose five subjects with at least one and a maximum of two Language Subjects from Group A and the remaining subjects from Group B.
  • Two additional subjects can be taken from either of the two groups with extra fees as per BOSSE norms
  • Subjects with an asterisk* have a theory as well as a practical.

Why Choose BOSSE?

Flexibility in subject choice and examination, engaging and interesting study curriculum in Hindi, English, and Regional Languages, Transfer of Credits up to four subjects, high-quality academic and employment-oriented programs, and education at an affordable fee – all these make BOSSE a model Open Schooling Board in India.

1 Group A (Language Subjects)

Sr. No. Code Subject
1 101 Hindi
2 102 English
3 103 Urdu
4 104 Sanskrit
5 105 Bengali
6 106 Punjabi
7 107 Assamese
8 108 Nepali
9 109 Odia
10 110 Kannada
11 111 Malayam
12 112 Tamil
13 113 Telugu
13 114 Gujarati
13 115 Marathi

Group B (Non - Language Subjects)

Sr. No. Code Subject
1 201 Mathematics
2 202 Science and Technology *
3 203 Social Science
4 204 Economics
5 205 Business Studies
6 206 Home Science *
7 207 Psychology *
8 208 Indian Culture & Heriatage
9 209 Accountancy

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