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BOSSE (Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education), is recognized by the Government of Sikkim and established under Sikkim Act 2020. The school provides Secondary, Senior Secondary education, Skill & Vocational Education to students who have missed the opportunity for receiving the conventional way of schooling. It has been conferred with being the ‘Most Promising Open Board”, in India at the Education Leadership Summit organised on 30th September 2021. BOSSE is a splendid opportunity for students who are unable to attend traditional methods of schooling but have the same aspirations to explore educational possibilities as their peer group.

Benefits of BOSSE

  • Any of the learning programs have no upper age limitations.
  • There is no set time limit for completing an examination. A course can be completed in any period the student prefers, for example, what would normally take one year of traditional schooling can be completed in four, five, or even more years if the student so desires.
  • There are no classes that need to be attended.
  • BOSSE exams can be given at any time when the student feels ready.

Curriculum and Syllabus

  • The academic curricula of BOSSE are interesting, engaging, and easy to understand they not only impart deep insights about subjects but are also highly effective for higher studies, especially in the case of competitive examinations like NEET, JEE Mains & Advanced, and other competitive examinations
  • The curricula of Secondary, Senior Secondary, skilled, and vocational programs are designed by renowned academicians at the National and State level, including from National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), some of whom are at the forefront of their fields
  • High-quality and updated self-learning study materials are the hallmark of BOSSE
  • Skill and Vocational Programmes of BOSSE are designed by industry experts, are employment-oriented, and focused on hands-on experience to equip the students to become skilled professionals.
  • The study materials of Secondary and Senior Secondary are available on the website. Candidates can either download the study materials or study online. Candidates can also purchase printed study materials in a nominal amount from the Head Office of BOSSE

Who is it for?

BOSSE Class 12 has been aimed at working professionals and aspiring adults who wish to complete their schooling and take up higher education or move ahead in life. The course is offered in a way that perfectly fits the schedule of working-class people.

  • Professionals who wish to climb the ladder in their career
  • Aspirants who wish to enroll in a university education
  • Learners who are interested in learning specific subjects through professional courses in future
  • Students who have partially or fully completed their Class 10th degrees from other boards can also enroll for the Secondary level to improve their grades or complete their course

Senior Secondary Programmes

The Senior Secondary Programme is equivalent to the XIIth standard. Those who have successfully passed Secondary are eligible to take admission to the Sr. Secondary Programme of BOSSE. All applicants need to submit a self-attested copy of their Secondary Certificate. There is no restriction on the choice of subjects and combinations, except that a minimum of one language has to be taken. Learners can choose their subjects from the BOSSE List of Subjects as given below:

1 Group A (Language Subjects)

SR. NO. Code Subject
1 301 Hindi
2 302 English
3 303 Urdu
4 304 Sanskrit
5 305 Bengali
6 306 Odia
7 307 Punjabi
8 308 Kannada
9 309 Malayalam
10 310 Tamil
11 311 Telugu
12 312 Gujarati
13 313 Marathi

Group B (Language Subjects)

Sr. No. Code Subject
1 401 Mathematics
2 402 Home Science *
3 403 Psychology *
4 404 Geography *
5 405 Economics
6 406 Business Studies
7 410 Physics *
8 412 History
9 413 Environmental Science *
10 415 Chemistry *
11 416 Political Science *
12 418 Biology *
13 419 Accountancy
14 420 Introduction to Law
15 421 Computer Science *
16 422 Sociology
17 423 Tourism
18 424 Physical Education and Yoga *

Enrol in BOSSE Class 12 in the UAE (Dubai)

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